Kairali backwaters, poovar  having a stunning show room packed with exotic handicrafts, Handlooms and pure kerala spices.   Arts and crafts of kerala have a special mention because they are the part and parcel of kerala.

Kerala, God’s own country the  land of beaches and nature is affluent in a range of exotic handicrafts. The articles available in Kairali ranges from Ayurvedic soaps, wood carvings, woven fiber baskets, mats and much more. These Kerala handicrafts showcases the milestones of a decade old tradition. Most of the ancient temples of Kerala include many crafts of metal alloys made out of a mixture of brass, tin and copper, which create popular tower like lamps.

Handicrafts made of brass and bell metal is one of the famous arts of Kerala. These type of articles uses alloy of tin, copper and brass to create idols of mythological events like “Tanda Dance”. This metal is also used for making lamps and various house hold articles.

Nature friendly items like coir mattresses, floor frunishsings and other colorful articles are made up of coir and cain products. Coir products manufacturing is an important part of the cottage industry in Kerala. Calicut and allepey are the two places that produces these coir products. A different variety of coir products are available in our showroom. Wooden Toys are irresistible souvenirs for any one coming to Kerala. These fascinating wooden toys are created out of wood caring and are popular art form of the state.

The sea-fringed state of Kerala is also the land of spices. Since long past, Kerala has carved a niche of its own in the global spice market for its rich flavored spices. Spices are used in medicines, preservatives, perfumes and above all in everyday cooking. They also serve as exquisite shopping products that enjoy international value.

Kerala, the land of beaches is also the treasure bay of spices. Kerala has carved a niche of its won in the global spice market for its rich flavoured spices. Spices are used in medicines, preservatives, perfumes and above all in every day cooking. Spices constitute a variety of pungent aromatic vegetable substances used for flavoring food. In ancient times, traders from all over the world sailed hundreds of miles to import spices from India and especially Kerala. Even today, spices produced in the state hold much popularity throughout the world because of their variety and quality. Moreover, they also have medicinal value and find their use in the preparation of certain indigenous medicines.We have a wide variety of spices packed in a hygienic environment and undergoes strict quality measures.

We have a wide variety of handlooms in our showroom. The materials are from Balaramapuram, the cradle of Kerala handlooms. Our endeavour is to provide you an opportunity to use our reputed and exclusive items to suit to every individual needs – set mundu, kutti-mundu for small kids, super fine dhothies for men, gorgeous bridal wears, rich collection of unique sarees.

We invite you cordially to our exclusive show room to drape you in exquisite varieties.