We have a breathetaking range of designs, from simple to exquisite, traditional to innovative. Balarampuram handlooms are inseparably woven to our unique culture and lifestyle that we cherish. Kairali have a wide range of handlooms direct from the weaver mills at Balaramapuram. The weaving familiis in Balaramapuram dedicated tadition of many generations in this craft.The jerry which we use is absolutely genuine. We are keeping some specimen of half fine jerry for your comparison – cost wise, quality-wise.
The finesse of intricate designs, the sheen of fine craftsmanship, the bright yet elegant simplicity of colours and the beautiful texture of the fabric are what makes Kerala handloom products so special. One would never guess that they are hand woven and by families of weavers, who have been in this tradition for centuries.
Handloom weaving at Balaramapuram in Thiruvananthapuram has a history that spans over 300 years. At the behest of Balaramavarma, the ruler of erstwhile Travancore, handloom weaving was first introduced in Balaramapuram. Seven weaver families from Tamil Nadu were brought and settled there to produce fabrics for the members of the royal family. Till date, only traditional methods and means have been made use of to create the legendary Balaramapuram handloom fabrics.
Our handloom products are woven with every yarn of its warp and weft drenched in ancient tradition. This stamp of tradition is integral to the richness of Kerala’s cultural heritage.

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