We have a wide variety of spices, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices. It is from land of spices like udumbumchola, peerumedu, kumily, Thekkady  and Munnar. We sell high quality spices packed in a hygienic environment and quality standards. The story of Kerala’s spices dates back to many thousands of years into the past. Kerala is famous in the world due to total monopoly over spices.

In the last decade the international trade in spices has grown to an estimated 500,000 ton of spices and herbs valued at more than 1500 million US dollars. It is a matter of pride for the tiny state of Kerala that the bulk of this trade is still from Kerala. “Idukki” is known in many names as “God’s own district”, “land of spices”, the second largest district of Kerala where 90 percent of land is covered by forests and plantations. This land is the primary producer of Pepper and centre of production and marketing cardamom, ginger, cocoa, Tea and coffee.

Kerala gastronomy is as diverse as its culture, with a wide array of unique and appetizing dishes for every palate. Flavoured by the abundance of scrumptious herbs and spices that are predominant in the region where the cuisines are widely prepared and enjoyed, the characteristics of each cuisine varies widely from each other. The following authentically prepared spices/condiments, masalas, and curry powders have several health benefits, and also help in bringing diversity and gives quite an exquisite flavour to Kerala Cuisine.

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